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ENSACT Dubrovnik 2009 Conference is hosted by the Croatian Association of Social Workers in partnership with ENSACT (European Network of Social Action) and five of its member organisations.

The Croatian Association of Social Workers

The Croatian Association of Social Workers (HUSR) was founded in 1954 as an association of professionals. The main aims of HUSR are:
- to protect and promote the professional and human rights of social workers
- to promote the ethical principles of the social work profession
- to promote the principles of development and constitution of civil society with the social work profession fully incorporated.
HUSR furthermore promotes
- the respect for diversity and freedom of opinions, of choices and of ideas
- the autonomy of work, freedom of speech in public and the dignity of the social work profession.

ENSACT stands for professional quality. It fosters social professionals, teachers, lecturers, trainers and
social services in innovating and strengthening their practices, concepts and theories.
ENSACT voices social professionals, teachers, lecturers trainers and services in Europe: the Council of Europe, European Union and European Parliament. It is essential for the quality for social policies and the provision of social services that social professions have a strong voice nationally and in Brussels and Strasbourg.
ENSACT promotes the consistency and effectiveness of professional qualifications and the quality of social services across Europe, including work on the Bologna process and the EU mutual recognition of qualifications processes.
ENSACT is a European Network of professional associations, faculties of social work and national councils of social welfare.
ENSACT integrates the efforts of the partners in a synergic way, to optimise the activities of each and to reach our goals separately and jointly. We draw upon the richness of customs embedded in social professional education and social professional practice throughout Europe.
ENSACT intends to develop more effective contacts with service users organizations at national and European level. ENSACT will not support statements or actions which work against the interests of service users.

Visit ENSACT at www.ensact.eu

ENSACT is a joint initiative of:

EASSW: the European Association of Schools of Social Work www.eassw.org  

FESET: Formation d’Educateurs Sociaux Européens/European Social Educator Training www.feset.org 

IFSW: the International Federation of Social Workers European Region www.ifsw.org/en/p38000605.html

ICSW: the International Council on Social Welfare European Region www.icsw.org/region/e.htm

FICE: the Federation Internationale des Communauté Educatives www.fice-europe.org/menu_eng.html

AIEJI: the International Association of Social Educators www.aieji.net/english/pages/europe.asp

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