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The official carrier Croatia Airlines has arranged special airfares with the ENSACT 2009  which will be held in Dubrovnik in April 2009.

Croatia Airlines will grant special discounts on international flights on certain airfares for the participants and 1 accompanying person according to the following details:

C = 20% discount   
D  = 10% discount
Y, B = 15% discount
M, H, Q =  10 % discount

This discount is applicable for Croatia Airlines international flights only, on tickets purchased at Croatia Airlines offices.

To obtain this discount, Croatia Airlines discount voucher and a confirmed registration form or other written proof of participation must be presented at the time of purchase. It is not possible to obtain the discount for buying online.

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer, please contact the nearest Croatia Airlines office.
The list of Croatia Airlines offices, as well as the discount voucher and all information concerning granted discount can be found at www.croatiaairlines.com - at your service – fly to congresses.

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About Dubrovnik
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